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"Left Brain Skills for Right Brained People"

Mary Edwards, Ph.D.

Career and Business Coach Mary EdwardsCareer and Life Coaching for Artists

Are you finding that you can't do it all?  Do you need help with the professional side of being an artist?

Through my unique, artist-focused coaching practice, I have identified 8 key areas that are essential for success today.   How are you doing on each of these?

  1. Understanding where you are right now in your career.
  2. Knowing what success would look and feel like for you.
  3. Talking effectively about your work to art professionals and the public.
  4. Writing about your work so that people want to see it.
  5. Using a computer to get things done.
  6. Asking other people for help.
  7. Being able to focus and follow an action plan.
  8. Being persistent, flexible, and creative in managing your career.

Ask the Art Coach
Artists & Makers magazine Spring 2015

See Mary's Ask the Art Coach column in Artists & Makers

I work with emerging and mid-career artists who are ready to take their art career to the next level.  Do you need to become more visible?  Are you able to identify the right venues for your work?  Do you get frustrated navigating through all the "artist opportunities" on the web?  Do you want to increase sales of your work?  Are you trying to find gallery representation?

On the other hand, sometimes you're just not ready to focus on your career.  This is why I also offer life coaching for artists and other creative people.  You may need to answer more personal questions about the role of art in your life as a whole.  What are the obstacles that get in your way?  How do you sustain yourself as a creative person?  How do you find community?  How do you balance the demands of work and family?  As a life coach who works exclusively with creative people, I understand the dilemmas you face.

I am happy to talk with you about your specific goals and challenges.

You can learn more on my Career and Life Coaching for Artists page.

Business Startup Coaching for Artists

Do you have an idea for a new business that builds on your own creativity?  Do you already have a business but want to grow it?  Do you need to develop a business plan, or evaluate online vs. retail selling strategies?  My "artist-friendly" business tools and procedures are based on how creative people actually think.  There are no Powerpoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets, but you will still be able to present your ideas and measure your results. 

You can learn more on my Business Startup Coaching for Artists page.

Business Coaching for Arts Organizations

As a leader, are you looking for more effective ways to manage your arts organization?  My service offerings for arts and cultural organizations are based on a unique combination of business knowledge, art world experience, and professional coaching skill.  I offer:

  • Executive coaching
  • Team development
  • Strategic planning
  • Board development

When you need a career counselor or business coach, why not choose someone who understands how to work with creative people?

Local Marin County clients meet with me both in person and by telephone. I coach U. S. based and international clients by telephone and through Skype.

You can learn more on my Business Coaching for Arts Organizations page.

Call today for your free, no-obligation consultation.